I'm Tom Dean, of T Dean Photography and I was born and raised in West Virginia, and I feel blessed to have such a beautiful canvas as this State to work with. I started playing with Digital Art but often wanted my own images to manipulate and experiment with. I had been exposed to Photography early on and the advent of digital cameras gave me the platform to combine my two loves, Digital Art and Photography. I have experimented with all types of photography from portraits to water drop images. But my favorite that I always come back to are Landscapes. I love the outdoors and try to use my free time to get out and explore the beauty of the West Virginia mountains, everything from waterfalls to scenic overlooks, and even a few famous WV structures like the State Capitol building. West Virginia's beauty is endless and I try to capture images that are not only colorful but draw you in emotionally. I want to thank all those who support my work as I continue to develop my art, and who have flattered and humbled me by purchasing my images.